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bmt oberpfaffenhofen germany   We believe it is our customer orientation that distinguishes us from our competitors. We really put everything into satisfying our customers’ requirements and beyond.

Our current customers know and value us on the premise of our transparency, openness and our "German reliability", that is to say, the punctuality and professionalism that permeates our entire business.

With us, you will be at the center of our priorities and responsibilities. In short, we deliver the trust that assures you: “it will be done”.

bmt bavaria medizin technologie gmbh
BMT has been active in the development and production of all kinds of intravascular devices since 1992. During this time BMT has established its reputation as one of the leading OEM suppliers of PTCA and PTA catheters with all the necessary certification required by the European regulators. Expert production standards coupled with flexible and professional manufacturing standards allow us to meet even the most stringent customer demands.

More recently we have been refocusing our R&D services combined with regulatory work. Quality and speed in R&D work are the key to bringing successful products into the market. Our acknowledged status as a centre of excellence for R&D is reflected in our international standing as partners for Research and Development. Naturally we are proud to say that most of our R&D customers come from North America.

From its founding in 1992 BMT has been dedicated to innovation and development. The company was founded by a group of scientists and cardiologists with the specific aim to prevent re-stenosis through a focus on innovative R&D. The initial concept was the development of the Needle Injection Catheter (NIC, see Products) that allows the user to inject a substance or medication via a catheter into vessels and tissue using minimally invasive techniques.

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